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Healthcare is Social

17 Jul

By Anita Beninger

July 17, 2011

I define social health as the use of digital tools to research, inform and engage in health and wellness efforts.  The social health community  is growing.

Today’s baby boomer population makes up the largest sector using health care services and they are socially engaged. A 2010 report issued by the Pew Internet & American Life Project , found 78% of baby boomers use the internet for health information.  Sometime when I discuss how health care organizations are using digital media many people are surprised that a hospital would have a social account.  Strange or not, if your customers are socially active it’s time to join the discussion.

Some hospitals are using social platforms like Google+  for marketing and communications efforts.  Google+ is still in the testing phases and I have had an opportunity to evaluate the beta version. It’s a very functional tool that can be used for blogging or to video chat.  In my testing  I have found a growing number of hospitals and health care people with pages on Google+.

For the full list of health care users, check out Ed Bennett’s Hospital’s on Google+ update.

Research supports a growing trend of digitally connected people using health care services.  How is your organization using these tools?  Do you have plans to reach a specific demographic using social media?  Will you join Google+ ?